Download & Installation

This page provides a short step-by-step guide. Unfortunately it describes only the precompiled part. At the moment no compile instruction exists.

Newest Releases:
  1. Download the newest releases of BTnodeRFIDBTnut-btnode3-hex and BTnodeRFIDJava-J2ME-TestReader
  2. Unpack both files
  3. Flash the BTnode with rfidreader.btnode3.hex, a howto is found in the tutorial btnodetutorial_1.4.pdf at chapter 2.5
  4. Open META-INF/MANIFEST.MF inside BTnodeRFIDJava.jar and adapt the BTnodeMAC line to your BTnode
  5. Move BTnodeRFIDJava.jar to your mobile phone, an installation menu will shown at mobile phone to proceed through the next steps